Hacienda Masini, 150 años de historia cafetalera

In the search for the most remote coffee plantations in Puerto Rico, we have come across a mansion built in Yauco, in 1872, just at the time of the great settlement of part of Corsos. It is a great trip to the coffee history of our country. This mansion is 150 years old and is the witness of a history full of coffee in the Rubias de Yauco neighborhood. This neighborhood, without fear of being wrong, produces one of the best coffees in Puerto Rico. Its altitude of about 3,000 feet above sea level, its microclimates and its soils achieve distinctive characteristics in the coffee that is produced in these lands.

From this area of ​​Yauco, comes an extremely special coffee, and not only in a cup, but also in history. This time we are talking about Hacienda Masini Coffee, a grain produced since 1872 by a Corsican émigré named Domingo Pietri Pietri who, together with his nephew Juan Masini, developed Hacienda María, what today is Hacienda Masini. . It is worth mentioning that these Corsican immigrants, along with many others, were responsible for the great golden age of Puerto Rican coffee and, so much so, that pride continued to be passed down from generation to generation. To give a "fast forward" to time, today the great person in charge of the production of this historic coffee plantation is the granddaughter of Don José Masini, the Puerto Rican Ángela Masini.

Sun-dried coffee at Hacienda Masini.

Ángela is a worthy example of a Puerto Rican woman who empathizes with nature and is a faithful believer in the culture of her land as the driving force behind the coffee industry in Puerto Rico. She, along with her husband Terry, her son Douglas and her work team made up of their neighbors from the neighborhood, share the same vision and love for the environment that achieve synergy when producing and benefiting coffee. . It is a very special coffee and, the most that blows my mind, is that this coffee makes me imagine that historical moment of the golden age of our industry.

      Ángela Masini, heir to 150 years of coffee history of the Masini family.

On the other hand, Hacienda Masini's coffee is grown at an altitude that fluctuates between 2,400 to 3,000 p.a.s.l. This coffee has different Arabic varieties, such as: Marsellesa, Limaní and Frontón. It is a coffee that is collected strictly mature and its process is washed and dried in the sun. At the time of roasting, they make a medium roast profile to preserve all the attributes that coffee can provide. Let us remember that coffee must be treated as what it is, a fruit and, for this reason, medium roast will always give a better sensory experience. In this coffee you will be able to perceive a clean cup, balanced acidity, sweetness with fruity notes, roasted nuts and brown sugar.

Farm employees pulping coffee.

Last but not least, after several years of absence, the Masini family wanted to compete in the Gold Cup with their first harvest after Hurricane Maria. According to the Agricultural Extension Service of the University of Puerto Rico and its "Q" Graders, this coffee was classified as a specialty coffee, with a score of 81 and came sixth in a well-fought competition. Without a doubt, this shows us that Hacienda Masini is producing special coffee.

Without further ado and directly from Barrio Rubias de Yauco, Puerto Rico to the world, we present Café Hacienda Masini.

To acquire it, access: https://bit.ly/3o2wFaS

Written by Enio A Suasnávar Torres


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