A coffee summer in Guatemala

Enio A Suasnávar Torres 2 comments

They can take away everything in life but your wisdom. I remember hearing this on countless occasions from my dear father. Although I didn't pay attention to it at the time, that catch phrase always stayed with me and, as time goes by, it makes more sense. Unintentionally or not, in every new project at Cuela we always try to take shelter in the element of education. We don't just want to sell you a product, that's not our purpose. Our desire has always been to present you with the best coffee proposals that Puerto Rico has, but highlighting its...

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A Boricua coffee bean in Europe

Enio A Suasnávar Torres

From Barrio Gripiñas in Jayuya to Europe Café Gripiñas is the legacy of one of the most legendary coffee families in Puerto Rico. The Oliver Mayol family started growing coffee more than 100 years ago and they continue to do it with the same passion and commitment with their now successor in this arduous task, Luis Valldejuly Sastre. In 1904 Café Gripiñas was awarded the "Grand Prize" at the International Coffee Pavilion in St. Louis, Missouri; an award that helped and continues to help this bean continue to position itself in the great coffee consumption markets of the world, such...

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