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Don Pello Premium, Don Pello SP - Three Varieties

Create for yourself the experience of tasting the different beans produced by Café Don Pello at the Museo del Café in Ciales, roasted with great care and dedication.

Don Pello Premium

Roasting: Don Pello at the Museo del Café in Ciales.

Variety: Arabica Blend 

Process: Washed

Roast: Medium Dark

Description and cup notes: Good aroma, bitterness and slight acidity, flavors of caramel and chocolate.

Don Pello Specialty - Utuado

Origin: Sabana Grande, Utuado 

Farm: Kenneth Rivera

Altitude: 1,800 p.s.n.m.

Varieties: Fronton and Limani

Process: "Full Washed" sun-dried

Roast: Medium 

Cup description: Cup balanced between acidity and bitterness. Extensive residual flavor. In notes you will find pure chocolate flavor.

Don Pello Specialty - Jayuya
Origin: Bo. Saliente, JayuyaFinca
: Miguel Torres DíazAltitude
: 2,500 p.s.n.m

Varieties: Fronton and LimaniProcess
: "Full Washed" sun-driedRoast
: You will find a balanced cup with slight acidity and bitterness


You will be able to perceive sweet notes of cherries and blueberries.

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