What do we want to achieve with this model?

The purpose is for you to taste all our coffees and at the same time that you do this, a consistent economic wheel is created for all the coffee growers and roasters who collaborate with us.

How does it work?

You will have the opportunity to subscribe to receive your coffee every two weeks or monthly, randomly chosen by us. Each month you will be sent a different coffee so that you never run out of your coffee and your palate will recognize which is your favorite.

Try all the coffees in our selection in their large sizes. You save 17% and try our entire selection until you find your favorite.

By subscribing to our subscription model, you will automatically be included in a list of "newsletters" in which you will receive exclusive offers, surprise gifts, among other benefits .

We are pleased to be able to introduce you to this new coffee adventure and we want you to join us in it.

Thank you for your support and #CuelaUnCaféConLosTuyos.


Note: In the case of the monthly subscription the debit is made the day you submit the order and then every first of each month.

Note: To manage your subscription we recommend that you create an account with us. Go to https://cuela.coffee/account/register

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