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Native Coffee

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Origin: Bo. Collores, Jayuya

Estate: Sol de Joaquín

Altitude: 1,900 meters above sea level.

Varieties: Limani and Fronton

Process: Washed and sun dried

Roast: Medium

Notes in cup: Chocolate, slight citric and spicy nuances.

Facts: The coffee used for Café Nativo comes from their farm. However, they buy mature coffee from neighboring farms in order to empower and contribute to the sustainability of the area.

Gripiñas Coffee

Origin: Gripiñas of Jayuya

Sector: Gripiñas

Altitude: 3,000 p.s.n.m.

Varieties: Caturra and Limaní

Process: "Full Washed" sun-dried

Roast: Medium

Cup Description: Full body, good sweetness, citric acidity and delicate aroma of honey and chocolate. You'll find sweet notes of caramel, nuts, molasses and sugar cookie.

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Don José Coffee

Origin: Barrio Saliente, Jayuya

Farm: Don José Farm

Altitude: 2,500 p.s.n.m.

Varieties: Limaní, Frontón, Obatá, Caturra and Borbón.

Process: Washed - Sun-dried

Roast: Medium

Cup Description: Clean cup, balanced acidity, residual notes of chocolate, brown sugar and slight flavor of soft fruits.

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