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With Cuela's Create Your Own Bundle, you have full control of which coffee brands you want delivered monthly or weekly straight to your doorstep.

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“I've ordered several times from here. Some as gifts, and people love the coffee. Fairly priced, and fast shipping. Most times, the order is processed and shipped within the hour of placing it. Coffee always fresh. Highly recommend.”

Carlos Resendiz

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we ship to the United States and international shipments as well. Please put a phone number in case the mail service has to contact you for any questions about the address.

No, at the moment everything is online but you can place the order on our platform and a notification is sent via email as soon as the order is ready. For pickup at our facilities, it is important to select the pickup option at the time of purchase.

Cuela's operations team will be completing your order and shipping it within one to three business days of placing your order. If by any reason there is a delay, we will be contacting you to inform the status of your order.

Cuela's operations team will be completing your order and packing it within one to three business days of placing your order. As soon as it is packed, a notification will be sent via email with our contact information and location so that you can pick it up.

If your order is backordered, the first step is to access your tracking number provided on your order. If you do not have any relevant information or if the package is still late, you should contact the requested mail service so that they can provide you with concise information. If you are not successful, you can contact us at to help you in the process.


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