Surprise Coffee Subscription - 3 Months


Surprise Coffee Subscription - 3 Months

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Condition:Whole Bean

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Impact a coffee farmer one month at a time.

Subscribe or gift Surprise Coffee for 3 months!

How does it work?

  1. We send you one brand of coffee per month (12oz to 1lb).
  2. Select the condition: Whole bean or ground.
  3. You add to the shopping cart.
  4. Put your address, we ship and enjoy!
  5. This subscription is valid for 3 months, after the third month if you have not cancelled you will be automatically subscribed again.

Thank you for your support of the Puerto Rico Coffee Industry and #CuelaUnCaféConLosTuyos.

Learn a little more about Surprise Coffee Subscription here.

Note: To manage your subscription we recommend that you create an account with us. Go to


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