Hacienda Prosperidad Coffee… A Treasure Among the Puerto Rican Mountains

Hacienda Prosperidad Coffee… A Treasure Among the Puerto Rican Mountains

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The pride of a coffee grower and his coffee are definitely one of the things that we have most liked to witness working in Cuela. Every time we find a new coffee and try it to check its quality, it lets us know that there is Puerto Rico's coffee industry for a while. And we have to feel proud that such a small piece of land and that has gone through so many crises, pandemics and atmospheric phenomena, continues to grow, process and roast quality coffee.

This is the case of Café Hacienda Prosperidad, whose name comes from the purpose of providing a coffee that honors the prosperous abundance that nature offers us. This is precisely what the Atienza family has done for generations, honoring nature through their on-farm practices and picking only mature beans, which in turn results in virtually flawless coffee. Hacienda Prosperidad is a country project that seeks to add value to the coffee industry in Puerto Rico through its quality.

The Atienza family has been growing 100% Puerto Rican coffee for four generations and they do not intend to leave the legacy behind. They are convinced that quality goes above quantity and that is why this coffee is the result of five cuerdas of land in the Coabey neighborhood of Jayuya. The family and country commitment keeps them united to get the best out of their coffee every day. On the other hand, every time they go to work on the cultivation of their fruit, the Atienza family shows an unwavering respect for the environment, creating contour plantings, vegetative barriers, shade trees and when drying the coffee they do it in the sun. Its fermentation process is washed and its roast is medium, preserving sweetness, tones of sugar cane, chocolate and a clean cup. In short, a coffee that, without a doubt, you will repeat.

These are the elements we look for in Cuela. Well worked and elaborated grains that in the end give an exquisite cup, worthy representative of the quality of what a 100% Puerto Rican coffee can offer us. A coffee that connects you with the beauty of the interior of our island and, to that, adds farm practices that are consistent with caring for our environment. It is definitely a grain that you have to try and we invite you to do so.

Café Hacienda Prosperidad

What are you waiting for? You're going to love it.

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