A Small Farm Full of Specialty Coffee

A Small Farm Full of Specialty Coffee

The industry continues its resilience and it is that, within the most remote mountains of the Vegas Arriba de Adjuntas neighborhood at about 2,060 feet above sea level, is Finca Samara. This boutique farm of only five cuerdas produces a coffee with the most artisanal practices that we have witnessed. Yes, just as you read it, this farm has little production, but with first class quality in each grain, thus proving the theory that more can be done with less.

The rigor of her owner and coffee grower, Natalia Vélez, together with her assistants is something impressive. After the 100% mature coffee is collected, they pulp it, float it (measure density) and immediately begin to reject the grain defects in order to guarantee you a specialty Puerto Rican coffee. The way in which they benefit the coffee is by using the "wet process" or washing process. This process helps to have a much cleaner cup and, beyond looking for exotic flavors, consistency is sought in the attributes of the coffee, such as sweetness, acidity, bitterness, body and aroma. 

On the other hand, the beauty of Café La Perla Negra is that it involves another coffee grower in the production chain. The coffee grower and roaster of Café Mayor and Café Gripiñas, Mr. Luis Valldejuly, is in charge of roasting Café La Perla Negra, thus creating an economic collaboration between both Puerto Rican agribusinesses.

The roast given to this coffee is a medium one, honoring the entire production and processing process. You will find a clean cup with very good sweetness, chocolate flavors, hints of tobacco and dried fruit such as figs.

Knowing all this information that we were part of in the last collection we did, having a cup of Café La Perla Negra is quite an experience and we want to share this with you. 

Thank you for supporting the coffee of Puerto Rico and the small merchants who benefit from all the links that make up the coffee industry in Puerto Rico.

To learn more and acquire Perla Negra coffee, please click here.

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