Christmas Cuela Box: A Gift full of Boricua Tradition

Christmas Cuela Box: A Gift full of Boricua Tradition

At Cuela we always seek to create concepts with purpose, with that famous why. We understand that it is the way in which we have the most fun when creating something and, more importantly, connect with our community.

On this occasion the Christmas Cuela Box comes with the theme of Parranda. We wanted to connect two elements that identify us as Puerto Ricans: Coffee and Christmas Parties.

Coffee has historically been a socioeconomic benchmark in Puerto Rico. We have not yet lost our Industry due to the economic and social impact of this bean that we love so much in the economy of the mountains of the Island. Then again, the same goes for our Puerto Rican Christmas traditions.

Who does not know or has received our famous Asalto Navideño? Those of us who have experienced it know that it is a moment of inexplicable joy where everyone is happy and forgets about the problems and stresses that we face every day in our lives.

That's what this Christmas Cuela Box is all about. Unite two elements that represent us as a country and that have given us so much happiness for years. Cuela's Christmas Box is synonymous of Puerto Rican tradition, forgetting about the bad things in life, celebrating and, above all, loving your loved ones during the beautiful time of Christmas.

We hope you enjoy it as much or more than we did when we to create it. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

For more information access: Christmas Cuela Box

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