Specialty Coffee Roast in Puerto Rico is in Good Hands

Specialty Coffee Roast in Puerto Rico is in Good Hands

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Today I come to talk to you about two people that I appreciate very much and I want you to know who they are. I come to talk about Eduardo Trabada and Gabriel Beachump. The first time I sat down to talk to them was in 2018, just when I returned from studying in Spain. Between toasts and espressos we started talking about their history in the industry and I found certain similarities with us.

The first thing is that we all live outside the island at some point and return to bet, not only on our country, but also on the Puerto Rican coffee industry. Apart from the love for coffee, the love for the country unites us a lot. This is something important and fills us with great enthusiasm, but what really motivates us is Eduardo and Gabriel's work philosophy.  

Eduardo Trabada and Gabriel Beachump roasting Baraka coffee..

His mission with Baraka is not just to roast coffee and that's it. This goes further. Baraka enters as an entity that seeks to improve the quality of the coffee that they buy from coffee growers in Puerto Rico. Quality is their north, and they are willing to work hand in hand with the coffee grower to improve the coffee and buy it at a fair and sustainable price for the producer.

I dare to say that Gabriel and Eduardo are among the first micro-roasters in Puerto Rico that bet 100% on roasting specialty coffee in small quantities. Its purpose will always be to offer quality before quantity, in order to ensure the strictest coffee consumer an exquisite cup.

I am honored to announce that we have Baraka Coffee in Cuela. This collaboration should have happened a long time ago, but I'm pretty sure this is the best time. For the first time we bring Baraka Coffee 24/7 coffee. When you try this coffee you will be transported to when your grandmother prepared it for you when you were a little one. 

Baraka 24/7 Coffee is a coffee produced in Yauco, Puerto Rico, and roasted with the rigor of Eduardo Trabada and Gabriel Beachump, two Puerto Rican roasters who tirelessly seek perfection in Puerto Rican coffee. This bean has an intense aroma, a robust body and a long aftertaste. You will find notes of cocoa and spices, very good to drink with milk.

Last but not least, we know that when we have a Breville or espresso machine with an external grinder, a lot of coffee is lost when adjusting the grinder. It is for this reason that we have teamed up with Baraka to create an exclusive 24/7 2lb pack for Cuela. If you drink a lot of coffee and you're into the Home Barista trend, it's a package that will last you a long time.

For more information about Baraka 24/7, please click here.

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