Hacienda Pomarrosa

Hacienda Pomarrosa, a paradise with awesome coffee

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Hacienda Pomarrosa is located about 2,900 feet above sea level on the border of Ponce and Adjuntas. When you arrive you may feel a little dizzy because of so many curves, but you will be relieved as soon as you see the beauties of the hacienda, especially the detailed cabins they have to accommodate tourists.

“The plan was just to buy the farm and retired in the countryside of Puerto Rico.” This was stated by the German coffee grower, Kurt Legner, but the passion he felt for coffee was so great that he decided to produce his own coffee at Hacienda Pomarrosa. Legner has been living in Puerto Rico for more than 50 years and does not plan to leave. Since 1978 he has been working in coffee, which led his son, Sebastián, to become passionate about the industry becoming a great roaster and a internationally prominent competitor in disciplines such as “Tasters Cup” and “Brewing”.

Enio A. Suasnávar y Kurt Legner

This paradise called Hacienda Pomarrosa stands out for its coffee production, which, although small, is top tier in the Island. Legner, has unique Arabica varieties in the farm. Within the coffee fields you can find Pacas, Caturra and Limaní. "By preference, we wanted the farm to only have Pacas and Caturra, but Hurricane María made us reduce that production to 18%." However, it has shade coffee practices, since the coffee plantation is symbiotic with banana trees, citrics, pine among other trees that helps create shade so that the coffee does not grow under stress.

Coffee is such a fruit full of life that when you try it you can perceive the treatment which it was grown and processed. Without a doubt, Hacienda Pomarrosa is an estuary of specialty coffee of Puerto Rico and the treatment that Legner gives to his coffee has no comparison. For us it’s a complete honor to have Hacienda Pomarrosa in our small batch catalogue.


Try Café Hacienda Pomarrosa and of course pay a visit and stay in its famous cabins. Peace will be incomparable!


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