Try one of the fewest coffees still grown in Ponce, Puerto Rico

Try one of the fewest coffees still grown in Ponce, Puerto Rico

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Café Abuelo Domingo from Hacienda La Mocha is an exclusive label for Cuela, but that's not cool part. What is formidable about this coffee is that it comes from one of the few farms that still produce coffee in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Besides from being a magical space for coffee production, Hacienda La Mocha was recently recognized as a bird and butterfly sanctuary due to the great variety of species they inhabit.

Hacienda La Mocha is located about 1,590 feet above sea level and one of the main characteristics of the coffee that is produced there is its density, an element not so common in Puerto Rican coffees and that roasters always look, due to roasting uniformity.

From left to right: Master Roaster, Manuel Cruzado and Coffee Farmer Rigoberto Ramos.

This exclusive coffee is produced by Dr. Rigoberto Ramos and is roasted by the experienced Master Roaster, Manuel Cruzado. When tasting it, you will be able to perceive clear notes of citrus such as orange, good sweetness, little acidity and an intense chocolate aftertaste.

Speaking with the roaster, Manuel Cruzado, he mentions that the roast profile that is implemented to the bean works for both methods: Espresso and Pour Over. Below we share Manuel's favorite recipe for the V60 method.

22 grams of medium-coarse ground coffee
300 grams of Water at 202 degrees F
Bloom from 50 grams of water for 40 seconds
Second Pour of 100 grams of Water
Third Pour of 100 grams of Water
Last Pour of 50 grams of Water

If you have an espresso machine, here is a suggested recipe from the Cuela team

18.6 grams of dry coffee
35 grams of liquid coffee
31 seconds
1.75 ounces of liquid coffee

Try it at home and let us know how it goes. For more details and purchase Café Abuelo Domingo Hacienda La Mocha click here


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