The Same Bean, Different Process

The Same Bean, Different Process

The Honey method is a very famous method in Brazil, since it is the place where it originates. Why the name Honey? The main reason is because at the time of fermenting the grain, the coffee grower does not remove the mucilage, which is the viscous element that is created in the pulp of the coffee cherry throughout the ripening of the fruit.

You may also wonder why this process is done. The answer is simple. Increasingly, the large markets in the United States and Europe began to demand different things and coffee growers, in order to receive a fair payment for their lots of coffee, began to experiment with fermentation processes with mucilage and thus the "Honey Process" was born. .

This process is a bit intense, because you have to be very aware of its drying. At the time of being pulped, the coffee is placed on African beds for approximately 6 to 10 hours at the mercy of the sun. The person in charge must be very vigilant and consistently move the grain every two hours for a period of 6 to 8 days. 

Precisely here is where the challenge lies. It is an extremely delicate process. Time can be the farmer's worst enemy, because if you dry it too quickly the mucilage sugars won't penetrate the bean, and if you let it dry too long it will over ferment and you'll find moist and moldy flavors. However, when you taste a "Honey" coffee at its optimal level, you will have a guaranteed explosion of flavors. Imagine that you will find a very good cup of sweetness, balanced acidity, fruit and good body. Few people work the "Honey" method in Puerto Rico and it is because of the great challenge it presents. The Café Nativo family and its coffee grower Jean Giuliani have produced lots of excellent quality for everyone to enjoy.

On the other hand, the "Honey" method falls into several categories, but I'll leave that for another time. For the moment, I invite you to try this "Honey" coffee that already made my mouth water explaining such a process.

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